Moments ago, a curvy Ghanaian beauty, now identified as Zeebee went viral after she shared photos of her selling dry fish at a Ghanaian market.

At the time, the lovely was considered to probably be one of the se*xiest and most curvy fishmongers in the country – netizens couldn’t believe such a sizzling young lady will sell in the market and praises were showered on her from different angles.

She easily became an internet sensation as her photos were being used as memes and all.

Well, it will interest you to know Zeebee is not really a fishmonger as many perceived her to be but actually is a fashion blogger based in California, USA.

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Though she hails from Ghana and occasionally goes back for vacation. She was in Ghana for this past Christmas vacation and did a photo shoot which found its way unto social media turning her immediately into an internet sensation.

See some of her photos below;