Unorganized PVC Registration

Recently, the awareness for PVC registration has been ongoing for a while making a lot of Nigerians to be very eager to get their registration done and be able to cast their votes in the 2019 upcoming election.

It saddens my heart that a lot of Nigerians have deprived themselves of sleep, businesses and some other important daily activities. I decided to take a day off in order to get registered, but it turned out fruitless due to some manipulations at the INEC Office in Ikorodu to be precise. As at 05:34am the names on the list were about 88, some people have been at the gate as at 4am because the place is an Estate.

An official of INEC said “their system was down and they couldn’t work with it at about 08:56am”, I told the man I could get it fixed for them and he said “Is it you that want to help Government?”.

Another official of INEC decided to make money from those that were to be registered but their names were not on the list apart from the Pregnant Women and the Old Men and Women around including those with disabilities. The official after collecting a token, will accompany them into the office to register and therefore leaving those that rightfully wrote their names on the queue without being attended to.

Some people got to the venue around 08:45am and they were attended to because they know a Politician in their area. Others that didn’t know anybody had to stay till about 12:55pm before they were asked to come in gradually to register

There was a bit of misunderstanding due to the corrupt act that took place during the exercise that led to INEC calling The Nigeria Police Force to intervene. It was settled and they continued with the registration process, but leaving a lot of us unable to register. I left the Venue as at 05:10pm and couldn’t register for my PVC. My time, money and energy were wasted just because I wanted to register for PVC.

My question is “if this can happen during registration, how much more the election itself?”.


I will suggest that “INEC create a platform like that of NIMC where users can do their pre-registration online before coming for capturing at their outreach”. 

It will also be a plus if “INEC could make the voting system to be unified in the sense that you can do your registration anywhere in Lagos and vote anywhere in the country and still get a notification from their backend that you have voted elsewhere and therefore you can’t vote more than once”

This act does not exist in INEC alone, corruption and godfatherism is a major challenge in the Country as a whole.

Nonetheless, let the change begin with you. Make sure you are standing up for something in order not to fall for anything.


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