Things you should never hide from your partner

While your life should not be an open book for all to read, there are some things that you should never hide from your partner.

Relationships are built on mutual trust which means you should feel free to share anything with your partner. However, it is never easy to open up about some matters even to those who are closest to us.

For a successful relationship, at least never hide these five things from your partner:

1. Health issues

Your health matters should not be a secret if you are in a serious relationship. Your partner should know your health history or any condition you may be suffering from. This will help them know how better to support you and handle you when you are sick. It would be very unfortunate if your partner discovered that you have been secretly seeing the doctor or using certain medications.

2. Past sexual experience

We all have different sex encounters and your partner should know about it. If you ever had a bad sexual encounter such as rape, let them know. They may be of help in overcoming the trauma.

3. Your exes

Talking about exes has never been a fun topic. However, so long as the talk does not involve comparison games, it is necessary for your partner to know your past love life. This way, you will avoid dramatic episodes if the exes ever show up in future.

4. Financial details

Experts say that financial matters are among the leading causes of divorce. This is just an indicator of how important the topic is for two people in a serious relationship. We all come from different backgrounds and we use our monies differently. To avoid any trust issues, money matters should be discussed openly and you both should agree on how to spend it.

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5. Bedroom matters

This can be very sensitive especially when you do not want to hurt your partner’s feeling. However, if they have been failing in the bedroom, talking it out is the only way to solve the problem. It is their responsibility to fulfil your sexual needs and you should never keep it to yourself.

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