Soulja Boy Replaces Gucci Headband With One Of His Own Design

Soulja has officially declared the end of an era. The Gucci headband is no more, having now been replaced by a substitute of his own design. 

Soulja Boy‘s entrepreneurial spirit knows no bounds. Though his foray into the video game market was short-lived, his hustle was not to be knocked. The headband connoisseur, known for his seemingly unwavering allegiance to Gucci, has decided to switch up the style. Better late than never, as the adage goes. 

He wrote;

“No more Gucci only Big Soulja Drako SODMG headbands,” 

As it happens, he’s referring to his own brand SODMG, which stands for

Stacks On Deck Money Gang.”

Should you count yourselves among the upper echelon, perhaps it’s time to add your own Soulja-approved headband into your wardrobe.

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The decision comes on the heels of a Gucci blackface blunder, which found many in the hip-hop community standing united in a boycott. What is Big Drako if not a man of principle? Unless you happen to ask Shuntaro Furukawa.

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