”My Son, Olujonwo, And Tope Adebutu Met Just Once Before They Got Married” – Mrs Obasanjo

Wife of former president Olusegun Obasanjo, Taiwo Obasanjo, was recently a guest on The Interview with Tope Olowniyan on LITV where she spoke on the controversies surrounding her only son, Olujonwo’s marriage to billionaire daughter, Tope Adebutu.

Olujonwo and Tope got married in May 2017 and are already in court to annul the marriage owing to irreconciliable differences. Mrs Obasanjo in June, released different statements detailing what her son and Chief Obasanjo’s family members told her that led to the failure of Olujonwo and Tope’s one-year old marriage.

In this tell-it-all interview with Tope Olowoniyan, Mrs Obasanjo, gave an insight into how the former couple met and how the marriage was contracted. According to her, Olujonwo and Tope were introduced to each other and never courted. She stated in her interview that she was the one who went in search of Tope as her son never wanted to marry her because he was never in love with her.

”My son was introduced to Tope Adebutu through my twin brother which is not a bad thing. Two people being introduced is not a bad thing. I was hearing that he is involved with Tope Adebutu and that they would soon be married. Going to one year, I didn’t hear anything from him. He is my first born and my only son. I have two children, a man and a woman who is already married with children. Naturally, I was anxious and I want to see his own children too. I want him to be married. I believe he is capable. He should be responsibly married.

So, going to one year, I didn’t hear anything.When I didn’t hear anything, I went on my own to look for Tope Adebutu. I asked around for where she wroks and lives. I was told she works at magistrate court at Ota. That was where I met her. We talked. She was in session then. I told her that you and my son are courting. A mother should not be the one looking for the girl. It should be my son bringing her to me to say Mummy this is the woman I want to marry.

She then told me I have’t seen your son oh. I was shocked and I told her that you guys were supposed to be getting married. She told me she has only seen him once. She said she has tried and that he wasn’t picking up her calls. When I got home, I called my son and asked him what is happening. He said Mummy I don’t like that girl because she is fat”.

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