Sex Health: 6 Things You should Never Use as Lube

Your partner and you are in the mood for some sexual play action. You throw off your clothes and start caressing with your foreplay moves, though you’re feeling it, things are a little dry down below. It’s not a big deal, except that you’re out of lube. Then, you grab a slippery product and assume it’ll do the magic.

Don’t be in a rush to turn into DIY options for the awesome slickness that makes good sex mind-blowing. It’s not much of a smart idea. The best lubricants you actually do need are water- or silicone-based and contain no chemical fragrances, dyes, or other potential irritants. The problem is, the lube swap you might rely on could be oil-based or have vagina-unfriendly ingredients.

Below are things you shouldn’t substitute for lubricants, plus why you should keep them far away from your lady parts.

  • Whipped cream: while whipped cream is delicious, it poses a risk if it gets inside your vagina. Any products with sugar in them can throw off the pH balance of the vagina, and lead to irritation. That includes other dessert-inspired foods, like maple syrup, chocolate sauce, and honey. Yes guys, as much as some of you like to add up some flavors on you and taste great, you should be aware of what some of these things does to you at the end of the day.especially we women.
  • Lotion: A lot of us have watched movies where we see a young boy putting on some hand lotion on his penis to masturbate.  Its prevalence might make you think it’s a good lube substitute, but it’s actually not. Some natural lotions contain dye and perfume, not to mention parabens, which some experts believe are potential hormone disruptors.
  • Olive Oil:  Consumption of olive oil on your skin isn’t bad at all. Perhaps, it’s good for your heart. Though the kitchen is good for you to dance around and have your foreplay game on,  it’s not so good for penetration. That’s because any natural oil including coconut oil (which is also a popular sex lubricant), can weaken the latex in a condom and leave you less pregnancy- and STI-protected.
  • Petroleum Jelly: The idea of  lube is to make the penis glide smoothly through the vagina during sex, and not get gunky, as petroleum jelly or vaseline tends to do. It’s difficult to wash off and can trap bacteria, leading to irritation or infection.
  • Baby Oil: Though it feels good to use, it isn’t such a great choice. The use of baby oil and candida growth in the vagina, can lead to a yeast infection, plus the oil can break down latex.
  • Mineral Oil: The problem with this is, they can make our genital tissues even more dry, which is the opposite of the intended effect. Meaning, you’re more likely to tear. Damn, that’s not what you want for your vagina I guess.
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