A mourning father is pushing for stricter drunk-driving penalties after his wife and unborn child were hit and killed by a boxing champion in California who was believed to been intoxicated.

Zach Kincaid posted images from a September 26 gathering at McWane Family Funeral Home that showed Krystil Kincaid, 29, and the daughter they planned to name Avalynn Onix in a casket.

‘A drunk driver speeding down a two lane highway at 85+mph in the wrong lane around a blind corner destroyed my family,’ he captioned the selection of images in a social media post.

He said that because his wife was eight months pregnant, Marcos Forestal, 28, won’t face as many years behind bars for taking his daughter’s life.

Kincaid added:

‘The max sentence for killing my wife and daughter is 10 years max. The state of California doesn’t think there was intent, but I know driving recklessly in that manner, he didn’t intend anything good…. my daughter’s due date was October 9th, a 36 week old fully developed baby isnt considered a person in the state of California.’

The dad parented 11-year-old daughter and two sons ages eight and four with his deceased wife. He also has a 14-year-old stepchild.


Images from the joint funeral show family members looking into the coffin of their loved ones and taking it in turns to hold the baby who was also pictured laying across Krystil’s chest.

He has raised $51,020 on a GoFundMe me page for the family, exceeding their $50,000 target.

A Change.org petition needing 150,000 signatures had around 79,000 Saturday night.

Champion boxer Forestal was arrested on suspicion of drink driving and has pleaded not guilty to gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated.

He next appears in court November 1.

Kincaid continued on Facebook:

‘How do I explain to my children this injustice. My children and I have never felt so disposable… Look at the devastation left behind that is my family and tell me it isn’t time for change….imagine if this was your family… Who will fight with me for change? Who will spread this like wild fire? Who will write their representatives and demand change?? We cannot as a society look the other way any longer. Driving drunk is intent.’

BMW driver, Forestal, from Burbank, was found walking near his wrecked car live-streaming the crash to Facebook after his speeding car struck her silver Chrysler mini-van in Hemet at 8.30pm September 9.

He said in the video:

‘I had an accident. Guys, look at what happened to me. Man, a car crossed in front of me. Look at my car guys.’

After firefighters put out the flames, first responders then started the operation to remove Kincaid from her vehicle, police said.

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Her husband told KTLA she had him on speakerphone as the crash occurred.

He said he could hear her scream before impact, then the sound of metal and firefighters using specialized equipment as they tried to pull her from the wreckage.

He told the station that the phonecall is a memory that will haunt him forever.

Krystil was flown by helicopter to a nearby trauma center and officials had originally said she was expected to survive but they died.