Revealed! Men Think More About Football Than S*x, New Report Shows


A recently-published finding has shown that men think more about football than they do s*x.

The report said 64 per cent of 1,000 adults that were sampled said they think more about football every seven seconds than they do about women or sex. Only eight per cent of the respondents said they think about sex more than football.

The report was published by the UK-based IllicitEncounters, which said it was out to puncture holes in a series of sexual myths that had been passed on through generations, according to the Daily Star.

Other findings:

The report also busted the longstanding assumption that men with large feet or hands will have a bigger manhood, showing that there is no scientific link between the two.

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Other interesting findings include the claim that oysters might be a proven aphrodisiac for men. Only 12 per cent of men who took part in the survey said taking oysters turned them on.

Find the top ten male sex myths, according to IllicitEncounters, as follows:

1. I think about s*x every seven seconds (I’m more likely to be thinking about football)

2. Big hands or feet means big p*nis

3. I play badly at sport if I have s*x the previous night

4. Oysters make you horny

5. Women peak s*xually later than men

6. I have never cheated on a partner

7. Good s*x has to be spontaneous

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8. Good s*x needs to last a long time

9. I have a higher s*x drive than my partner

10. You can burn a lot of calories having s*x.

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