I have observed that some people started their weight loss journey this year but things aren’t going as planned.

They must have expected it to yield good results but they are the same way. What if I told you some reasons why your diet is not working, would you believe me?

If you are on a keto or vegeterian diet or some other types, below are reasons why it isn’t working for you.


1. Stop skipping meals:

One thing about skipping meals is that your diet won’t work effectively. You are supposed to eat at a particular time no matter the diet you are on


2. You are not drinking enough water: 

When you are a diet, it is compulsory you make water your best friend. It would keep you in shape and make your diet work well.

3. You are not consistent:

Someone once said that whatever you don’t put a schedule to, you can’t be consistent in it. Set rules and make sure you follow through.

4. Stop avoiding calories: 

My dear friend, your real enemy isn’t the calories. You need them but make sure you are moderate about it.

5. Exercise: 

This keeps your body in shape. So whatever you do, make sure you exercise.

6. Eat a balanced diet:

Don’t avoid other nutritious foods because you are on a diet.

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