Mourinho On Liverpool Match: It Is Just Another Match

Jose Mourinho says he does not read much into football rivalries, and sees Liverpool’s match as a regular game.

Manchester United host longtime rivals, Liverpool on Sunday, with two points separating the Reds from the Red Devils.

Mourinho has plied his trade as a manager in Portugal, Italy, Spain and England and is no stranger to derby matches, but he does not see why some matches should differ from others.

Asked whether he had a greater understanding of the United-Liverpool rivalry ahead of his fourth stab at the fixture, the Portuguese told reporters: “I still don’t know because in my mentality every match is the same and I’m not very good on that culture of this match is special, this rivalry is special.

“I never looked to AC Milan as the biggest rival, I never looked at Atletico Madrid as the enemy, I never looked at Arsenal as the big rival.

“For me it is just a big match with two historical clubs, not just in England – in the world. I still don’t look to some matches as a special opponent. It is a big match because we are speaking about some big clubs.

“We have three matches now – Liverpool, Sevilla and Brighton. If you ask me if I could choose one to be the most important, I can’t choose.

“The most important is Liverpool because it is the next but the other two are knockouts. I don’t think the fans are happy if I say Liverpool is the biggest match of the season and Sevilla is not a big match.

“Everyone wants to go to Wembley for the FA Cup semi-finals. Is Brighton less important than the Liverpool match?”

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