Kendall Jenner Accused Of Fleeing After Her Dog Allegedly Bit A Child

Kendall Jenner whose dog is alleged to have bitten a little child at the Beverly Glen Deli in Los Angeles this Sunday, have been accused of fleeing after the incident.

Though the dog’s teeth did not obviously break the skin, it is alleged that the little girl was sitting with her mother near Kendall at the alfresco part of the restaurant when the incident occurred. While the girl’s mother brought her daughter inside the deli where employees treated the bite with ice, she found out that Kendall Jenner and her beau Ben Simmons with whom she had been sitting on the patio had vanished, when she came outside.

TMZ gathered that Ben and Kendall squared away their Beverly Glen Deli bill before their departure, but had not provided any contact information to the little girl’s mother. The mother however proceeded to dial 911, and though no paramedics were needed, the police did turn up, taking a report. Animal Control has now reportedly been given the case of Kendall’s dog, who is said to be wearing a harness at the time of the incident.

Kendall had previously warned of her pet’s ferocity, posting on Instagram: “Cute but she’ll rip your face off.” Interestingly, roughly around the time the biting incident allegedly occurred, Kendall shared a shot of the dog to Instagram with the caption: “Listen to momma.”

Kendall and Ben are yet to comment on the incident, possibly because they were too busy hanging out with giraffes.

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