Yet again, incumbent Lagos State governor, Akinwunmi Ambode is embattled and the tides are high and aren’t in his favour as members of the Lagos State House of Assembly on Monday evening began moves to impeach him over alleged gross misconduct.

Lots of Lagosians in light of this aren’t happy about the attempt to impeach him just a few months after he lost the party ticket to contest for a second term in office.

See some reactions below,

Legendary Hustler@otunba_adedayo

It’s sad to even tweet this, but Governor Ambode will be wiped off the history books and man is not even fighting… Like how can a Lagos State governor be so POWERLESS? How can you not be in control of ANYTHING?

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Rusty Nigerian@femiDNL

The evicted people of Otodo Gbame are probably LOL at Ambode right now. He was cruel to those people. He humiliated them. He thought he was beyond reproach but look at him today. I hope they impeach him and lock him up in the dust bin of Lagos history.


If Ambode successfully gets impeached then he has to be the dumbest politician God has ever created. You are a fucking incumbent Governor. How the hell isn’t anybody loyal to You?

Asiwaju Oladimeji@AsiwajuOladimej

Ambode served impeachment notice?

Akin needs to behave like Omo Akin now.

Call another world press conference and tell us the full gist of Gbagada Hospital, Alpha Bet and all the dirty shits.

Scatter the table jare…

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What is Ambode’s offence exactly please? E jo e shalaye

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Aisha Yesufu@AishaYesufu

Ambode that was once the darling of sycophants now find himself grappling! If only he had listened to the critics he would have a legacy he would have called his! The people would have stood for him against the power that hold Lagos and make it helpless

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Dolapo Oni@Dolarpo

Ambode is being punished by his party to the extreme.

His impeachment will ensure he does not get a pension.

This is the extent to which Bourdillon is willing to go to punish him

Not for any crime but for going against bourdillon

Think twice before bowing to any godfather

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If Ambode had rebelled against the people that denied him ticket, the people of Lagos would have rallied round him but as his mumuness did not allow him, let him carry his impeachment cross alone

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That’s what happens when a man doesn’t stand for something.

They humiliated him yet he was still grovelling to Tinubu.

He even told us that Sanwo-Olu was a fraudster & drug user. Yet he turned round to support the man.

Anything Ambode sees, he has to take it like that…..

TVC News@tvcnewsng

JUST IN: Lagos lawmakers move to impeach Gov Akinwunmi ambode , they Allege gross misconduct. Plenary session in progress.

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Sola Atikulated Kuti@SKSolaKuti

Lagos state house of assembly resolves to write Gov Ambode asking him to resign but at the same time will begin impeachment proceedings against him.

Honestly APC is a gift that keeps on giving. 6 million ways to die. APC decides to choose 2 at a time.

I mean why not? 🤣

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Ifeabunike Chukwudi@Ifeabunike

Ambode can still expose Tinubu on his way out. He surely would have all the tools unless he’s not a smart man.

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If you’ve read a few Mafia books,you’d have known those cheering Ambode on when he held that press conference have no idea about this game. You enjoyed the benefit of an arrangement & when the arrangement didn’t suit you,you throw a public, senseless tantrum with NO leverage?

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Replying to @afrispheric

Lagos needs to be wrested from Tinubu’s evil grasp.

One man can’t keep running the 6th largest economy in Africa like his personal estate.


If Sanwo-Olu ever gets into Alausa (God forbid), he’d be totally petrified by the humiliation and shame that Ambode has received that he (Sanwo-Olu) would dare not do anything without Tinubu signing off.

Essentially, Sanwo-Olu would be a slave of Tinubu.

100% slave.


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Oke Umurhohwo@Stalyf

The main reason for the impeachment move against Ambode is to set example and make good scapegoat. This is why we must not vote in Sanwo-Olu because the man will be a slave of Tinubu 100%


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The Mouth That Eats Salt & Pepper 👅@Manlike_ED

How will I be able to explain to my kids that an Ambode who controlled the 6th largest economy in Africa & governs a state of over 20 million people was treated like a commoner on the street, told not to contest for re-election which he obeyed & was later impeached?