How Do I Cope With My Girlfriend’s Body Odour?


Good Morning everyone, trust you guys are enjoying your weekend. There is something that is really bothering me about my girlfriend which I believe sharing with you will give me some insights and solution to this problem.

I met my girlfriend at a school party, she dressed in red gown and look stunning, I summoned my courage and talk to her. Although it is not easy getting into her because of her strict behaviour, attitude and drama but
she is so gentle and well behave if you move close to her.

It took me 4 good months for her to accept my love
proposal. After she accepted, within a month, she has form the best part of me and we have become 5 & 6 to the extent that if you don’t know us before, you will think we have been dating for 4years.

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But despite her good behavior and decent lifestyle, her body odour is very bad. I try to get different body odour preventing cream but all effort proof abortive.

Anytime She and her friends have issue, they use to use her body odour to abuse her likewise if I and my friends have issue they use to use my girlfriend body odour to
abuse me.

I am tired of being called names but I still love her with all my heart.

Now The Question Is??

If you are the one that your girlfriend has this bad body odour; what will you do?

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