Hey, I’m not done with you yet! Incredible moment newborn baby grabs on to doctor and refuses to let go at Vietnamese hospital

This is the remarkable moment a newborn baby reaches out and holds onto a doctor’s shirt just seconds after being born.

Pictures shared by Phương Châu International Hospital in Vietnam, show the crying little one tightly gripping a loop of fabric on the medic’s gown and refusing to let go.

The doctor was about to leave to get changed when the baby boy suddenly outstretched his hand and grasped the man’s clothing.

Almost 1,000 people have reacted to the photographs after they were posted on the hospital’s Facebook page early last month.

Social media users were keen to comment on the adorable images, with some suggested the baby was immediately asking for food.

One social media user said: ‘Beautiful. Picture of the year,’ while another added: ‘[This] steal’s my spirits, so cute!’

‘Lovely! Both the affectionate eyes of the doctor and the hold of the baby’s hand,’ one online user wrote.

Others suggested what the little one was thinking at the time of the snap, with one commentator saying: ‘Doctor! Don’t go, I’m here to play with you for a while!’

While no information regarding the baby was disclosed, the newborn was dubbed as ‘Baby Strong’ and ‘Boss Baby’ by online users.

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