Football player caught using razor blade to attack opponents on the field as his victims show off scars on social media

Turkish footballer Mansur Calar is facing a lifetime ban after shocking footage showed him allegedly attacking rival player Ferhat Yazgan with a sharp object.

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The Amed SK ace is believed to have concealed a razor blade in his hands during the pre-match handshakes, before he can be seen slashing the Sakaryaspor midfielder.

Tensions boiled over before play had even started in the local derby between the two Turkish third-tier teams.

Walking behind him, Calar took a quick swipe at Yazgan’s bottom, before he took things one step further as he sought the 26-year-old out once again.

This time he approached the former Wolsfburg man face-to-face as he looked to take a chunk out of his throat, before both sets of players stepped in to diffuse the situation.

Taking to Instagram after the match, Yazgan posted a picture of the cuts he suffered around his neck.

Captioning the picture, he quipped: “They think they’re lions, but fight like cats.”

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