Some people are always the life of the party. You can hardly get enough of them because they are charming and irresistible and are always a pleasure to have around.

The big question is why is this so? Find out some of the traits that makes them charming.

They ditch their phones

Few things are a turnoff than when someone sends a quick text or even glances at their phone while you’re chatting. In order to really make a positive impact on someone, you have to not only put your phone away, you have to pretend you don’t have it.

The signal you send when you constantly check your phone when you’re spending time with someone is that the person on the other end (on the screen) is more important. People quickly pick up on it when the person they’re spending time with isn’t present or engaged.

It’s not a good feeling for the person on the receiving end! When someone is charming, they make you feel like you’re the most important person in the world and use the chat as an opportunity to learn about you, not to bury their heads in their phones.

They use your name in conversations

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Who doesn’t like to hear the sound of their name? A charming person remembers people’s names and greets them with it. It shows that you made enough of an impression that someone made the effort and time to remember your name.

Your name is one of the most important words in your life, and it has a highly powerful and positive emotional charge. When you hear your name in the course of a conversation, it grabs your attention, indicates that whatever is about to follow is important and boosts your self-esteem.

Charismatic people will add in some small and personal details and information that they recall, too. It helps make people feel better and prouder about themselves, and in turn, increases their likability.

They’re good listeners

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Charming people immerse and focus themselves in what the other person is saying. They aren’t busy thinking of a response. They don’t interrupt people while they’re speaking, try to dominate the conversation or tell stories to brag about themselves.

They don’t use a conversation to give a lecture or unsolicited advice. Instead, they make people feel like they’ve been heard and focus on what they’re saying. They use the conversation to learn about what you know. You’re far more likely to charm someone when you make them feel heard.

They speak clearly

They take their time to think about each sentence, avoiding any unnecessary fillers that will make them unclear. This way, everything they say has a purpose and objective. Charming people speak confidently.

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If you are the type that goes on and on or off track, you’re more likely to lose someone, but sharing a few genuine, clearly spoken words will leave an impact. Being direct, concise, and succinct makes them come across as more friendly.

They ask for advice

When someone asks for your advice, it shows that they value your opinion and sincerely want to know and trust what you think. Charming people hold your knowledge in high regard. Asking someone to share their area of expertise helps boost their confidence. And it will likely make them think of you more favourably and memorably.