The Female Condom Works! Here’s What You Should Know Before Trying It.

It is specially designed to protect the woman during sex. It prevents unwanted pregnancy and keeps you safe from STDs.

The female condom is a lubricated pouch that you insert into your vagina and considering its benefits, every woman should have one.

Here are some facts about the female condom that you should know:

1. You don’t have to wait until you’re in the throes of passion

This type of condom can actually be inserted in your vagina and can stay there safely for up to eight hours before you have sex. However, keep in mind that it must be changed each time you engage in any sexual activity.

2. Period sex? Sure

The female condom is also safe to use when you’re on your period, pregnant or just had a baby. So, it’s a pretty handy stuff to have around.

3. How it works

It simply keeps the sperm away from the vagina. The guy’s sperm is trapped inside the condom thanks to a soft ring on each end that helps keep it in place. It’s also up to 95% effective in protecting against pregnancy and STDs.

4. No allergy worries

If you’re allergic to latex, which most male condoms are made of, you may want to give the female condom a try. It is made with nitrile which is a synthetic rubber that offers as much protection as the male condom.

5. Use either one or the other

It’s not necessary or safe to use the female and the male condom at the same time. The friction can cause one or both of them to tear. So, for a safer sexual experience, you should stick with one at a time.

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