EXPOSED!! Offset BOUGHT Security Footage… Nicki Wasn’t Lying… CARDI GOT BEAT!!

Yesterday, Nicki Minaj nearly broke the internet – when she started arguing with rival female rapper Cardi B. Much of the argument surrounded whether or not CardI B was beat up by Nicki’s friend Rah Ali.

We can confirm that Nicki Minaj WAS telling the truth, Cardi B’s swollen face was caused by Rah’s punches and not by security.

How can we be so sure? Well, American gossip site,  MTO News claims that the attempted to acquire the footage – but were outbid and later learned that people affiliated with Cardi’s husband Offset paid $20K for the footage from the event.

The video showed Rah Ali repeatedly punching Cardi B in the face. Cardi B was eating punches, and not retaliating either. Eventually security managed to step in and pull Cardi away.

Nicki Minaj offered $100K for the footage on her Queen Radio show Monday. She claimed she’d reward $100,000 to someone who’s willing to leak footage of their September altercation at New York Fashion Week’s Harper’s Bazaar ICONS party.

Minaj weighed in on her beef with Cardi once more. She wants the world to know the truth about the 26-year-old “Money” rapper’s part in their infamous brawl, which has since resulted in a back-and-forth shading spree.

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