Donald Trump Thanks Kanye West for Supporting Him in An Interview


Kanye West spoke about his support for Donald Trump in an interview with late night host Jimmy Kimmel.

When asked whether he had concerns about his wife Kim Kardashian being alone with Mr Trump in the Oval Office.

“Well, he is a player,” West said.

The rapper went on to say he doesn’t want to follow the crowd or be told what to say or think.

“Just as a musician, African American, everyone around me tried to pick my candidate for me and then told me that I couldn’t say that I like Trump,” he said.

West however, didn’t have a response when Kimmel asked him if he thought Mr Trump cared about black people.

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The US President has since taken to Twitter to thank Kanye for his public show of support.

His Tweet read:

“Thank you to Kanye West and the fact that he is willing to tell the TRUTH. One new and great FACT – African American unemployment is the lowest ever recorded in the history of our Country. So honored by this. Thank you Kanye for your support. It is making a big difference!”

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