CSOs give Nigeria Police 5-days ultimatum to vacate Peace Corps office

– A coalition has threatened to occupy the Force Headquarters in Abuja

– The coalition called eon the police inspector general to withdraw officers deployed to the headquarters of the Peace Corps of Nigeria

– The coalition gave the police 5-days ultimatum to withdraw the officers

A coalition of civil society organizations has called on the inspector general of police to withdraw office stationed at the headquarters of the Peace Corps of Nigeria in Abuja.

The coalition gave the police boss a five-day ultimatum for the officers to vacate the premises.

The group also warned that if its demand is not met, it will mobilise all civil society organizations, students youths and concerned Nigerians to occupy the Force Headquarters in Abuja.

The coalition also said it will demand the resignation of the police boss if the officers are not withdrawn.

The coalition said: “The most shameful development is the unlawful sealing of the newly rented headquarters of the PCN by the order of the inspector general of police since February 28, 2017 till date, over the unchanging and repeated allegation of collecting forty thousand naira from members at the point of enrollment.

“We had long taken upon ourselves to make an in-depth and independent inquiries into this matter and discovered that monies cover the cost of quality uniforms, jungle boots, accommodation for one month in training , training fees , documentations and other logistics while leaving a very minimal fraction for the running and maintenance of the administrative structures of the corps.

This as far as we are concerned is normal, lawful and expedient. All voluntary uniformed organizations in Nigeria such as Man O’war, Scout, Faith Based Organizations, all charge monies to provide uniforms to members.

They charge monies for training, excursions, workshops, etc. One then wonders why that PCN has become criminal and a matter of concern to the inspector general of police,” the coalition said.

Joined in the coalition include civil society organizations like Liberty Nigeria, Save Democracy Initiative, Aid Organisation for Africa, Defense of Nigerian Democracy and Constitution, Pan African Young Women Development Initiatives.

Others are Niger Delta Parliament, Conscience Nigeria, Civil Society for Peace and Good Governance, NEPAD Youth Nigeria, Action for Justice and Development and Consensus for Good Leadership.

NAIJ.com earlier reported that a Federal High Court sitting in Abuja had condemned the move by the Nigeria Police Force to freeze about 24 accounts belonging to the Peace Corps of Nigeria (PCN).

The court in its ruling ordered various banks including Diamond and Stanbic IBTC to unfreeze the account.

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