Celebrity Who “Supports Losing Teams” Spotted Cheering England Before Their World Cup Exit

Reports are now making the rounds that the curse of Mick Jagger struck again after England suffered a heartbreaking defeat to Croatia in extra time. The Rolling Stones legend has been labelled a jinx following his association with other sporting failures.

And Mick, 74 – an Arsenal fan – struck again after going to watch the game in Moscow tonight.

The Rolling Stones legend is known to have a curse on any national side he tunes in to watch.

He was reportedly in the stands for England’s defeat by Argentina in France 1998.

And he is to have wrongly predicted Brazil, England and the USA would all win specific games at the World Cup in 2010.

The rocker first saw the USA lose to Ghana at the 2010 World Cup.

He then supported Brazil in the quarter finals who lost to the Netherlands.

He finally turned up to see England lose 4-1 to Germany.

Jagger had also tweeted support for England before their defeats to Italy and Uruguay in 2014.

He did the same yesterday evening, writing: “C’mon England.”

And he was in the stands four years ago with his Brazilian 19-year-old son when they were humiliated 7-1 by Germany.

Jagger was even forced to defend himself following that defeat.

Mick said: “I can take responsibility for the first German goal but not the other six.”

The rock legend has even been nicknamed “pe frio” which means “cold foot” – a term of bad luck.

He also told Portugal and Italy fans at his concerts that their teams would go through to the knockout stages – but both teams failed to progress.

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