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10 Ways To Rock A Face Cap And Still Look Chick [Photos]

It’s the weekend again and a lot of us have expectations to have fun but do not really know what to wear. You might just want to be really comfortable so, below are photos to help. If you’ve ever considered rocking a face cap but

11 Signs You’re A Side-Chick Not The Main Girlfriend

Being a side-chick is one of the most time-wasting things ever. You find yourself being devoted to someone who already has a main woman he’s planning to build a future with. Since guys will often not be honest with you, you should definitely watch out

4 Things You Should Do To Enjoy Sex With Condoms

First of all, condoms are far more important than we give them credit for. Essentially, condoms are the only birth control methods that can prevent STIs. Unfortunately, condom sex is seen as boring and bland, when in fact, can be thoroughly enjoyable. For most, safe

3 Things You Should Never Do After Sex

Sex is great, but doing the wrong things before or after it can have some not-so-great consequences. Practicing proper hygiene before and after hitting the sack is necessary.   We all know that there are things we should do after sex to keep the nasty

Things you should never hide from your partner

While your life should not be an open book for all to read, there are some things that you should never hide from your partner. Relationships are built on mutual trust which means you should feel free to share anything with your partner. However, it

12 Food To Avoid Before Sex

You know I always want to share things with you, I was going through my Snapchat channel and guess what, and I came across food one should avoid before getting naughty naughty… (sex). So, these are foods you need to avoid before jumping in bed

12 Important Differences Between Men And Women

As much as there are common things in a man and woman, there are also differences between them. Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus is one very popular saying. But how true can that be? Here are the 12 main differences you

Sex Health: 6 Things You should Never Use as Lube

Your partner and you are in the mood for some sexual play action. You throw off your clothes and start caressing with your foreplay moves, though you’re feeling it, things are a little dry down below. It’s not a big deal, except that you’re out of lube.