“Buhari and Osinbajo Are Like Codeine And Tramadol To Nigeria, Lets Ban Them Instead” – Reno Omokri

Former aide to Ex President Goodluck Jonathan, Reno Omokri has compared President Buhari and his Vice, Osinbajo to the banned drugs Codeine and Tramadol in his new words attack on the present government.


In his words, Reno Omokri wrote;

“BLAME Buhari with your PVC and send him #BacktoDaura!

In fact, when you open a dictionary to check the meaning of BLAME GAME, you should see a picture of Buhari!

That is why I was surprised when the Buhari administration banned codeine and tramadol in Nigeria. Why stop there? Why not go the whole hog?

The APC has been a worse epidemic on our country than the codeine and tramadol abuse afflicting our youths. Did you hear of these drug abuse on such a large scale under the PDP? It is because people have lost hope. Instead of closing Emzor that provides jobs, Nigeria should close down APC that loses jobs”.

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