Black Artiste Retaliates by Sharing Photo of White Boy with Racist phrase on his Hoodie in Response to the Controversial H&M Racist Advert

Two wrongs don’t make a right, but musical artist Yarima Karama doesn’t seem to agree with that and has proceeded to post a racist photo of a little White boy in response to the controversial H&M advert which featured a Black boy.

Yarima posted a photo of the Black model with the controversial hoodie but the words emblazoned on it was changed from “Coolest Monkey in the Jungle” to “I Am King”, with a crown placed on his head. Then, beside his photo, was another of a White boy with the words “Future School Shooter” displayed across his hoodie.

Some people called the motivational speaker out for the post and told him that what he’s doing is no different from what retail giant H&M did to the Black boy. However, surprisingly, a lot of people supported his an eye for an eye approach.

In response to those criticizing him for the controversial photo, Yarima shared a video where he called them all out while defending his stance. Instagram keeps taking the video down for violating their policies but he keeps putting it back up.

Watch it below…

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