Watch Beyonce and Solange perform together at Coachella, plus their parents’ emotional reaction to the performance (photos/video)

Beyonce and Solange are amazing performers individually and when brought together, they are nothing short of phenomenal.

The sisters performed together at Coachella festival on Saturday night and it’s what everyone is talking about.

During Beyonce’s performance, she was joined by her sister Solange for an epic breakdance. Together, they did a synchronized dance to ‘Get Me Bodied’ and it has since gone viral on social media.

As expected, the parents of the girls, Matthew Knowles and Tina Lawson, were filled with pride and both gushed about their daughters on Instagram.

Sharing a video of the sisters dancing, their father Matthew Knowles wrote: “So proud of my girls! #Legends@beyonce @saintrecords #coachella”

And their mother, Tina Lawson shared the video with the caption: “Soo glad to see Solange and Beyonce dancing together again. I love watching Solange dance like she did last night??i felt like i was back at Ms. Darlette’s Dance Academy in Houston and those little Knowles Girls were dancing twice as hard as everyone else?”

Viewers also took to Twitter to gush about the sisters’ performance.

Watch the sisters perform in the video below:

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