8 Reasons Why You Should NEVER Beg Someone To Be In Your Life

Several times we have seen people beg desperately for their partner not to leave them but there is hardly a good reason for this to happen because if someone does not want to be in your life, begging that person or trying to force that person is one of the worst mistakes anyone can ever make.

“A relationship should be mutual; the love should be mutual and the feelings should be reciprocated and when a partner doesn’t care about you anymore that you have to resort to begging (even when you have done nothing wrong), then you are on the wrong path’.

Begging someone to be in your life is never the ideal thing to do, and here are some reasons why you should never beg someone to be with you:

It shows the love is no more there

Begging someone to be in your life is like begging someone to love you; it just can’t work and when you have to beg someone to be in your life, then it shows that the love doesn’t exist”.

You lose your self-worth

Your self-worth is very important as a human, but begging someone who doesn’t want to be in your life is like throwing your self-worth to the wind; you would definitely lose your self-worth, your self-esteem and your confidence when you beg someone to be in your life.

You become desperate

Desperation isn’t a sign of strength but a weakness, desperation would open up your weaknesses; when you play the desperate partner, you make yourself seem like a fool — truth be told and begging someone to be in your life is just a plain act of desperation”.

You make them feel like Lords

Of course, when you become so desperate that you have to beg someone to be in your life, you make them feel like lords over you and you become a slave to them and how can the relationship work well when it’s between a lord and a slave?”.

You open up the chance to be used

When you become desperate in any situation, you open up the chance to be used; a lot of fraud victims lose their money probably because of greed and desperation and begging someone to be in your life is like opening a door for someone to use you as they wish”.

You begin to irritate them

In this situation, little things you do would irritate them, and this would make you try hard to be perfect just not to make any mistake — but does this ever work out? No, because no matter what you try to do or how you try to act, you would always irritate that person, because they no longer value you”.

You suffer yourself

You put yourself through a lot of stress and emotional distress when you beg someone to be in your life and even when the person agrees to be in your life, you suffer the brunt of the relationship”.

The relationship becomes one-sided

“A relationship where only one partner is willing is a one-sided relationship and in this kind of relationship, you do everything possible and even impossible to keep the relationship going; you do everything to make sure the relationship is smooth-sailing, while your partner cares so little”.

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