“Over 7,000 Persons Killed In Jos Crisis”



At least 7,000 people have lost their lives in Jos crisis in the last ten years, said an official while indicating modest estimate.

Daily Trust quoted the Director General, Plateau State Peace Building Agency, Joseph Lengman, as saying that modest estimate puts the figure of those killed in crisis in Jos in a little more than the last 10 years as slightly above 7,000.

He was quoted to have made this in his opening remark at the 2017 conference of the Christian Council of Nigeria in Jos.

He said: “Beside the massive internal displacement of people and the immeasurable destruction of infrastructure, livelihoods, homes and schools, findings of several studies indicate increased levels of fear, anxiety, depression, mutual suspicion, intolerance and insecurity among those who have witnessed or were directly affected by violence and terrorist attacks in the past.”

Lengman further said that while the state celebrates the return of relative peace in the last two years, the recent episodes of violence in Bassa and Jos north “are but a stark reminder of the fragile nature of our transition from war to peace.”

The DG stated that the reality suggested that the risk of returning to violence in the state remained very high and stressed the importance of interfaith dialogue as a mechanism for conflict prevention and peace building.

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