4 Things You Should Do To Enjoy Sex With Condoms

First of all, condoms are far more important than we give them credit for. Essentially, condoms are the only birth control methods that can prevent STIs.

Unfortunately, condom sex is seen as boring and bland, when in fact, can be thoroughly enjoyable. For most, safe sex means no pregnancy, however, there are nasty infections out there which can only be prevented by wearing condoms.

Now that we’ve come to the conclusion that condoms are an essential part of safe sex, here are important facts to know before diving right into it:

1. Granted that they are seemingly ‘oily’, they also require additional lubricants in some cases. For instance, water-based lubricants resolve vagina dryness cases. Oil-based lubes interfere with condoms and renders them ineffective.

2. Ensure they are of the right size. Hilarious as this may sound, smaller/bigger size can get in the way of great sex. Also, it is imperative to leave little room at the tip to prevent breakage.

3. Condom sex can be great if you choose the right condoms. Thanks to the technology, condoms now come in flavours and textures aimed at improving sex. For instance, ultra-thin ones literally give skin on skin simulation.

4. Take care to not rip the condom when taking it out the pack. Admittedly, sexy time can get hot and frantic and there’s nothing more annoying than not getting the condom out on time. However, ripping the pack with your teeth can be risky in a situation when breakage occurs. Subsequently, this breakage could jeopardize the purpose of the condoms (pregnancy and STI prevention).

Speaking of sex, here are some things you should absolutely AVOID after sex.

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