4 Dating mistakes men need to stop making

For men to avoid falling into the #Men Are Trash pitfalls whether by misunderstandings or being a horrible human being, here are a few things to consider. 

1. Lying

It’s imperative that you’re honest about your intentions upfront. If you ain’t interested in pursuing a relationship then be clear about it. Don’t lead her on.  She may end up losing trust in you and all other men that seduce her next.


This is when a man goes on a date or sleeps with a woman then leaves without a word. It’s never ok. If you no longer interested let her know. And never be hurtful about it.

3. Man planning

This will never stop being repeated. Don’t interrupt a woman’s knowledge with your confidence. Don’t try to stop her from speaking her mind that maybe you think its against yours decision or your thoughts.

4. Get upset when she tries to be vigilant

Some men get offended when they show up to take a woman on a date and she sends a picture of him and his car to a friend. You can’t fault a woman for being vigilant about her safety. Take the challenge and sojourn on as a ‘Man’, this boosts her confidence in you.

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