3 Things You Should Never Do After Sex

Sex is great, but doing the wrong things before or after it can have some not-so-great consequences. Practicing proper hygiene before and after hitting the sack is necessary.


We all know that there are things we should do after sex to keep the nasty bugs away. But did you also know that there are things you should never do after sex?

Here are three of them:

1. Hold in your pee

Sometimes after sex you want to stay in bed and cuddle, we get it. It’s not exactly cute to jump out of bed and pee after a nice round. But do you what else isn’t cute? UTIs. Do you want to deal with your vagina burning when you pee? If your answer is no, which we expect it to be, then baby girl empty your bladder after sex. Holding your pee in is one of the things you should never do after sex.

2. Wash with soap

Err sister, it’s a vagina not a blanket. Biko take it easy with the washing. All you need is to use water to clean up your lady parts. Your vagina is a self-cleaning organ so she can take care of herself. Plus, using soap to wash her will make her very irritated. Please don’t do it.

3. Wear your sexy lingerie

It was okay to wear the lingerie before sex. Obviously, you had to make the lover boy see what was in store for him. Sexy lingerie for the win! But after the action, baby geh please put it away. Your vagina needs to breathe and that lingerie will not allow it. Find yourself some nice cotton panties and loose pyjamas to wear after sex. Your man will understand.

Do you have any before or after sex tips for us? Share below.

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