26 Year Old Man Caught While Trying To Plant Marijuana (Igbo) In A Car In Port-Harcourt

The victim, a Facebook user, Odili Victor revealed that he was nearly set up by the young man who tried to plant drugs in his car in Port-Harcourt, Rivers State.

According to him, he was only fortunate to have noticed the young man trying to force his car door open. He had earlier parked his car in front of a school at Elelenwo Road in Port Harcourt.

After the suspect was apprehended, he was searched and a wrapped newspaper filled with illegal marijuana was uncovered from him.

Victor said, he’s yet to understand the motive behind the whole act as some believe the suspect was trying to implicate with law enforcement agents.

Read below what he shared on Facebook;

Friends please I have an advice for each and everyone of us,,,my experience today at elelenwo road ,,,whenever you park your car and you are not inside make sure you look the doors properly,,,,, today I parked my car in front of the boys school ,,,to talk with a friend suddenly I saw somebody who was trying to force the doors open ,,,when we got hold of him he was holding a big rap of marijuana,,(Igbo) that he wanted to put inside my car but God disappointed him,,,,,,,I thank God for his mercy upon me today. It can happen to anybody friends please be security conscious.

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