12 Food To Avoid Before Sex

You know I always want to share things with you, I was going through my Snapchat channel and guess what, and I came across food one should avoid before getting naughty naughty… (sex).

So, these are foods you need to avoid before jumping in bed with your partner or before getting naughty:

1.      Avoid flakes, cornflakes of any kind before wanting to be naughty. According to the inventor of cornflakes, Dr. John Harvey Kellogg, spicy foods or sweet foods inflames the passion and sought to depress the libido.

2.      Coffee makes you jittery, therefore avoid drinking it before having sex. Increased anxiety from the caffeine intake will lower your sex drive and it is not good for pulling.

3.      Microwave popcorn bag lining can kill the libido and can cause prostrate problems in men.

4.      Eating a high amount of licorice can suppress libido and lower testosterone levels. This is because it contains a natural ingredient called glycyrrhizin.

5.      Pizza! Did you just hear pizza, yes! This is because the hormones in dairy product like cheese might mess with your hormone levels, when your hormones are askew, it is likely that your sex drive won’t be at its strongest.

6.      This is another that will shock you. Chocolate. Please leave the box of chocolate to the ladies guys, like I said earlier, sweet things lowers testosterone level, impacting male sex drive dramatically.

7.      For you guys out there who love to chew mint gum in order to feel fresh while kissing your woman, it has to stop now, the menthol in mint lowers testosterone which depletes your sex drive. You should try a fruity gum to keep your breath.

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8.      Spicy food. This was mentioned at the first things to avoid, alongside cornflakes. This is for the ladies, eating heavy spicy foods can change the way you smell, uh… downstairs. Researchers say that eating more grains, fruits and veggies can help.

9.      Cruciferous like broccoli, Brussels sprouts makes us gassy which no one wants when they’re heading to bed and it can change the smell of your breath, sweat and other body parts.

10.  Canned soup should be avoided too, want to know why? This is because canned soup is mostly high in sodium which causes high blood pressure which restricts blood flow to other parts of the body. Try skipping spaghetti next time you want to go down with your partner.

11.  This is the most important, because many take the use very wrongly. Of course that last shot you had might get you in the mood, but it also reduces testosterone levels and limit sexual function not just in men but in women also.

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