10 Tips To Improve Your Relationship And Get Closer To Your Partner

Even people who are in long term relationships can become disconnected from one another and, even though the relationship may be sound, it can be that people are not as close as they could be. It’s not really surprising that this happens, when you think about all the pressures that people have with their time these days, and that’s one of the reasons why relationships often take more work than people think to keep them strong.

If you and your partner seem to be growing apart, act now, and read these ten tips on how to improve your relationship and get closer, and rebuild and strengthen your relationship, so that will last.


1. Get reconnected

Quite obviously, to be truly connected and to nurture a strong bond, you need spend time together and talk.

If you seem to be always too busy doing your own things, then try and find more things you can do together and start to share your lives more.

You might have to be quite rigid about this and, for example, say that a certain day of the week will always be date night, so at least that will make sure that you get to spend some quality time together and you get a chance to talk.

2. Share your news

This is another good tip on how to improve your relationship.

If you have good news to share, then let your partner be the first to hear it.

Most of us have to spend time apart from our partners during weekdays because of work, but it’s important that you share that part of your life with each other, so that you stay connected and close.

Make some time every evening to update each other on what’s been going on and then you won’t feel so disconnected.

3. Take proper holidays

Take a real annual holiday where you leave work completely behind and just have fun.

Take regular weekend breaks away together as well. Vacations are the best way to get some quality time together and to be close, so don’t ruin it by being constantly on the phone dealing with work or spending half of every day answering emails.

4. Be good friends to each other

Another great tip on how to improve your relationship is to simply cultivate good friendship with your partner, as well as romance.

The happiest of couples are those that are best friends as well as lovers and that means treating your partner with respect, supporting them when they need you, and laughing with them too.

If your partner has become little more than the person you share your home with and your bed, then it’s time you got out together and had some fun again!

5. Compliment and congratulate your partner sometimes

You should also be each other’s number one fan, so celebrate each other’s successes together and don’t forget to let your partner know when you love what he does, or he looks great.

Everyone needs encouragement sometimes and to be told they are doing the right thing, so don’t hold back on those compliments, they are the perfect way to tell your partner who much you appreciate them.

6. Do more things together

This is another fabulous tip on how to improve your relationship.

There are so many things that you could do together that you are probably doing apart. You could share cooking, cleaning, or even going to the supermarket.

Try to avoid going into separate rooms to do things. You could be working on the computer, and he could watch TV with headphones on, for example. You’ll find that you will still share the odd comment or two, and it will feel more like you shared the evening together.

7. Be careful about how you fight

We all know that arguments are inevitable, but it’s how you fight that really counts. When arguments do arise, try and keep them as short as possible and try to keep to the topic.

If you let arguments drag on, that’s when things can start to get nasty and, sometimes, you even forget what started the argument off in the first place. Fight fair and it will be resolved far quicker and you won’t say things that you later regret.

8. Remember how you were in the past

Another tip on how to improve your relationship is to try to remember why you fell in love in the first place and how you used to be together.

It’s very easy to get so engrossed in the day to day problems that you actually just get out of the habit of being romantic.

A little reminiscing about the day when you first met might be just what you need to remind both of you why you are in love and it will bring you closer together.

9. Have a cuddle every day

This is probably one of the most useful tips on how to improve your relationship. Physical contact is very important in a close relationship, and we don’t just mean bedroom.

Kissing, cuddling, and holding hands, all help bring people together and create a close bond. Some studies have shown that a fifteen minute cuddle a day is all you need to release the chemicals in your body that have amazing positive effects and make you feel more affectionate towards your partner and more trusting of them.

10. Talk about it

If you do feel that you are growing apart from your partner, don’t just ignore it and think it is a phase that will pass.

Sit down together and talk about your relationship and work out a plan of how you will both make more time for each other and get closer again.

Talking about such things can be difficult for some people, which is why relationship counselling can be helpful in some cases. However you go about it, it is important to recognise that you might need to make an effort, if you want to put a spark back into your relationship.

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