5 Signs He or She Will Never Cheat on You

Cheating is a bad egg in any relationship, and the bad thing is, it is now so so common. The reality is, both men and women cheat in relationships today. Though the frequency and reason varies.

It is believed that most women cheat because they feel emotionally deprived, and men are unfaithful because they feel s*xually deprived.

Whatever the motive behind it, both men and women cheat in relationships at about the same rate, if there is any difference, it has to be little.

This is why it is necessary for you to be able to tell if your partner is the cheating type or not. Here are 5 signs your partner will not cheat…..here we go…

Your partner is honest in everything else they do:

If your partner tends to keep their word in pretty much every other aspect of live, then he/she can be considered a trustworthy mate. Dishonesty is a red flag.

Your partner keeps you informed about everything:

If you’re dating the type of partner who takes pleasure in keeping you up to date about what’s going on outside of the relationship, there’s little to no chance that he/she is seeing someone else.

He/she is a “busy body”:

When your partner is forced to juggle work, family (especially with kids), and other known responsibilities (e.g. school, softball, etc.), the chances of that partner even having the time to see someone else is an improbability.

Your partner cuts all known ties with their EX:

According to eHarmony, 21 percent of men and 32 percent of women who cheat acted on a “s*xual temptation…with a former boyfriend/girlfriend.” Given the proliferation of social media, it is much easier than ever to connect with past lovers.

He/she is selfless:

A good-hearted, honest, genuine partner cares more deeply about those they loves (even likes) than about themselves. Should your partner stop, pull out his/her wallet, and give a few bucks to someone down on their luck, they almost assuredly don’t have the heart to wound someone so deeply – as cheating inherently requires.

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